Brand History

In 2009 Jaime Cardemil sought out skilled shoemakers to build one pair of his ideal shoe.  When friends and colleagues asked about his pair Jaime built shoes for them and found himself with enough orders to support a small business.  He began taking orders out of his family's living room, in the Las Condes neighborhood of Santiago, and again saw the small business grow, eventually piecing together his own workshop of shoemaking tools and skilled shoemakers and later establishing a small store in Santiago.

In 2011 Eric Pitzer met Jaime, taking orders for shoes out of his family's living room and bought a pair.  Intrigued and impressed by Jaime's work, Eric returned to the small store Jaime later established and after some time both Jaime and Eric began talking about working together to take SITRANA beyond Chile.  In 2012 Eric took the first SITRANA pairs into the US, to sell to friends and family and to talk with store owners.  In 2013 SITRANA caught the eye of fashion designers in New York, leading to the first international relationships for the brand. 

SITRANA is owned and managed by Jaime and Eric, managing the workshop of 6 shoemakers and two retail stores, one in Santiago, Chile and one in the Williamsburg neighborhood of Brooklyn, New York.

2012: Jaime Cardemil & Eric Pitzer, original store, Santiago, Chile

2013: Design concepts

2013: 2nd SITRANA workshop

2014: Jaime Cardemil, 2nd Santiago store before construction, 2014

2014: Santiago's storefront

2015: Wholesale order prep   

2015: Wholesale order prep


2015: Chile's Independence Day barbecue in the workshop


2016: NYC, Williamsburg store, open

2016: Jaime and Eric in the workshop

2016: Jaime and Eric in the workshop

2012: First SITRANA workshop, Santiago

2013: Jaime, buying leather locally in Santiago

2013: Jaime, analyzing production

2014: 2nd Santiago store, during construction

2014: Santiago store design sketch

2014: Eric and Jaime, celebrating store completion

2016: NYC Williamsburg store, before

2016: NYC, Williamsburg, interior

2016: NYC, Williamsburg store

2016: NYC, Williamsburg store