#sitranatravels to Seattle with photographer Wil Claussen

Pacific Northwest-based photographer Wil Claussen will take over the @sitranaInstagram feed this weekend, showcasing his Alpi boots with SITRANA's own recycled tire tread soles.  

"I want to get breakfast at fisherman's terminal where all the salmon boats are docked in the harbor," says Wil.  "I'll grab some Eggs Benedict then check out the marina and post some lifestyle shots along the way.  After that I'll go through Discovery Park and then on Sunday I've booked some time at an urban studio to get some downtown shots and also some detailed shots of the boots"

"It's supposed to rain, but I'm not too worried about it."

Follow the #sitranatravels Instagram takeover tomorrow and Sunday at @sitrana.  More of Wil's work can be found at @wilclaussen and at wilclaussen.com.

One note -- the tire tread soling material is fairly new for us and is the same material used on our collaboration with Patagonia stores in Chile.  We've found it to be a highly-durable soling material with a nice aesthetic, with the advantage of coming directly from waste tires.  

To place an order of a pair of SITRANAs with tire tread soles, just place your order online and comment in the notes "tire tread soles".  Any questions you can contact us directly here.

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SITRANA founders' interview with Robin Denim

We had the opportunity to sit down with Dutch denim connoisseur Robin Denim to chat about the history of the SITRANA brand, Chilean culture, and our philosophy on footwear.  From the article:

"Today, our search for brands that value authenticity, craftsmanship, and durability will take us all the way to Santiago, Chile. More specifically, it will bring us to SITRANA’s workshop, a place where craftsmanship and human experience are very important. As a counter-movement against massification, SITRANA stays close to making products that have real value. Together with a small team of passionate shoemakers, SITRANA is dedicated to creating cool, and even more important, authentic footwear that will last."

You can read the full interview HERE.

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SITRANA for Patagonia | Cowhide leather and re-used rubber sole

We are proud to have been selected by the Patagonia brand to design SITRANA footwear styles exclusively for their stores in Chile.  

We designed the line of five styles to fit Patagonia's philosophy of environmental and social responsibility, as these models are built from locally-sourced cowhide (as is all our footwear) and feature a sole material that comes directly from used car tires.  The used car tire soles give a rustic touch to the shoe and serve as a unique and highly-durable sole material while also respecting the environment.

With this collaboration we have also included two women's models, the Janis chelsea boot and the Yoco shoe.

Sorry to our international customers, these models can be found only in SITRANA and Patagonia stores throughout Chile. 

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Reflections on SITRANA

SITRANA started in 2009 as a single pair of boots and slowly took shape into becoming it's own shoemaking workshop, with retail stores and global customers.  Based in Santiago, Chile, SITRANA builds cowhide leather footwear for men using locally-sourced leathers and working with a team of seven shoemakers.  Techniques involve hand-cutting, building by hand, and a stitched sole, similar to footwear made for the national rodeo industry though designed and built for daily menswear use.  

Read more about Jaime and Eric's thoughts on SITRANA and the brand's beginnings here.

Jaime and Eric in the SITRANA workshop

Jaime and Eric in the SITRANA workshop

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Cafi - Versatile Mid Boot

In designing the Cafi, we started with the objective to create a classic and versatile mid-boot. Using our rounded last, the Cafi is built with the same soft yet rugged cowhide leather as our other footwear models, and is a mid-boot that can easily move from the office to the bar. 

"The Cafi is a mid-boot for the man who wants something more substantial than a shoe without commitment of lacing up a tall boot," says Jaime Cardemil.

This model can be found at our showroom in New York's Lower East Side (within the By Robert James clothing store), or on our website to buy from stock or to place an order in the workshop. 

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Caring for your SITRANAs with SPIFF NYC  |  Part 1 of 2

One of the most frequent questions we get from our customers is "how do I care for my SITRANAs?" Our preference is to simply wear them hard, break them in, and keep maintenance to a minimum -- with basic cleaning and leather conditioning.  

For a more-thorough explanation we've gone to two friends who have direct experience in the matter -- starting with our friend Danny Kerr of SPIFF For Men, an exclusive men's salon and spa with two locations in Manhattan.  

"There are two things that will set you apart in a professional or social setting," says Danny, "the condition of your hands and the quality and condition of your footwear."  

At SPIFF the footwear care process is a traditional one:
1. remove laces, brush vigorously with a horsehair brush to remove dirt
2. clean with a leather care soap
3. for customers who prefer some shine, apply wax and then buff with a soft cloth, or, for the non-polish die-hards, a leather conditioner is applied, wiping off the excess

"It's important to regularly maintain your footwear," comments Danny, "especially here in New York with the drastic weather changes year-round."

Danny knows a little bit about weather, as he's an Alaska native and got his start in the men's grooming business by providing manicures to Alaskan fisherman.  These burly guys know the importance of keeping their hands in top shape. 

Ask Danny about it when you visit SPIFF in New York (link).


Well-work Buko boots with toecap in need of conditioning

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SITRANA workshop in March

March marks the end of Chilean summer, after a few weeks of vacations and rest the SITRANA workshop is up and running once again, building our classic line of leather-soled boots and shoes.  Build priority goes first to orders received from our domestic and international customers, then to pairs to re-stock our two SITRANA retail stores in Santiago, and finally orders from our retail partners.  

"March is a busy time," says Jaime Cardemil, "after the slow summer months we gear up for the busy fall season and prepare for the year."

Some tinkering over summer has resulted in a new product line for SITRANA, the Manual Construction Sneaker.  Built from the same cowhide leather and handmade construction as our classic line, the sneaker features a sole made entirely from a used car tire -- providing excellent traction and durability, from an up-cycled material that produces no secondary waste. Feedback from sales in Chile has been positive, and we are prepping for a launch of the product outside Chile via Kickstarter in May.  More details to come.

Shoemaker Gabriel in the workshop

Manual Construction Sneakers

Manual Construction Sneakers

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NYC Inauguration Party

In February we launched our NYC showroom within the By Robert James menswear store with a party at the shop. 

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Drinks & Trunk Show | Columbus, Ohio | Sat. & Sun., March 4th & 5th

Join us alongside our friends at STUMP Plants in Columbus, Ohio.  We'll be there on Saturday and Sunday, with drinks on Saturday and a dedicated trunk show on Sunday.  Grab a drink, try on a pair of SITRANAs, and enjoy the cacti and air plants.  

Evening drinks  |  STUMP Plants
220 Thurman Ave., German Village
Saturday, March 4th
7-8:30 PM

Afternoon Trunk Show  |  STUMP Plants
305 E. 5th Ave.
Sunday, March 5th
12-4 PM

Click for Details & RSVP

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Inauguration Party | NYC showroom | Thursday, Feb 16th

We welcome you to join us to celebrate the inauguration of our New York showroom and store, in Manhattan's Lower East Side.  

We've partnered with menswear designer By Robert James for our showroom, and joining us for the party are Knob Creek, the men's spa SPIFF and Armstrong's All Natural Boot Wax.  Sip bourbon drinks and get a shoe shine and a straight shave during the party.  David Armstrong will join us to give tips on shoe and leather care.  Chris Parker Band will play live.

Click for Details & RSVP

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Hello SITRANA wearers, curious visitors and friends.   We welcome you to our website, here in the journal we'll cover activity in the workshop, updates on our footwear and stores, and other news related to SITRANA.  Looking forward to creating a conversation with you, feel free to reach out to us anytime at info@sitrana.com.  

SITRANA workshop

SITRANA workshop

Lacho with grained cowhide

Lacho with grained cowhide

-Eric Pitzer

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