SITRANA workshop in March

March marks the end of Chilean summer, after a few weeks of vacations and rest the SITRANA workshop is up and running once again, building our classic line of leather-soled boots and shoes.  Build priority goes first to orders received from our domestic and international customers, then to pairs to re-stock our two SITRANA retail stores in Santiago, and finally orders from our retail partners.  

"March is a busy time," says Jaime Cardemil, "after the slow summer months we gear up for the busy fall season and prepare for the year."

Some tinkering over summer has resulted in a new product line for SITRANA, the Manual Construction Sneaker.  Built from the same cowhide leather and handmade construction as our classic line, the sneaker features a sole made entirely from a used car tire -- providing excellent traction and durability, from an up-cycled material that produces no secondary waste. Feedback from sales in Chile has been positive, and we are prepping for a launch of the product outside Chile via Kickstarter in May.  More details to come.

Shoemaker Gabriel in the workshop

Manual Construction Sneakers

Manual Construction Sneakers

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