Caring for your SITRANAs with SPIFF NYC  |  Part 1 of 2

One of the most frequent questions we get from our customers is "how do I care for my SITRANAs?" Our preference is to simply wear them hard, break them in, and keep maintenance to a minimum -- with basic cleaning and leather conditioning.  

For a more-thorough explanation we've gone to two friends who have direct experience in the matter -- starting with our friend Danny Kerr of SPIFF For Men, an exclusive men's salon and spa with two locations in Manhattan.  

"There are two things that will set you apart in a professional or social setting," says Danny, "the condition of your hands and the quality and condition of your footwear."  

At SPIFF the footwear care process is a traditional one:
1. remove laces, brush vigorously with a horsehair brush to remove dirt
2. clean with a leather care soap
3. for customers who prefer some shine, apply wax and then buff with a soft cloth, or, for the non-polish die-hards, a leather conditioner is applied, wiping off the excess

"It's important to regularly maintain your footwear," comments Danny, "especially here in New York with the drastic weather changes year-round."

Danny knows a little bit about weather, as he's an Alaska native and got his start in the men's grooming business by providing manicures to Alaskan fisherman.  These burly guys know the importance of keeping their hands in top shape. 

Ask Danny about it when you visit SPIFF in New York (link).


Well-work Buko boots with toecap in need of conditioning

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