#sitranatravels to Seattle with photographer Wil Claussen

Pacific Northwest-based photographer Wil Claussen will take over the @sitranaInstagram feed this weekend, showcasing his Alpi boots with SITRANA's own recycled tire tread soles.  

"I want to get breakfast at fisherman's terminal where all the salmon boats are docked in the harbor," says Wil.  "I'll grab some Eggs Benedict then check out the marina and post some lifestyle shots along the way.  After that I'll go through Discovery Park and then on Sunday I've booked some time at an urban studio to get some downtown shots and also some detailed shots of the boots"

"It's supposed to rain, but I'm not too worried about it."

Follow the #sitranatravels Instagram takeover tomorrow and Sunday at @sitrana.  More of Wil's work can be found at @wilclaussen and at wilclaussen.com.

One note -- the tire tread soling material is fairly new for us and is the same material used on our collaboration with Patagonia stores in Chile.  We've found it to be a highly-durable soling material with a nice aesthetic, with the advantage of coming directly from waste tires.  

To place an order of a pair of SITRANAs with tire tread soles, just place your order online and comment in the notes "tire tread soles".  Any questions you can contact us directly here.

Eric PitzerComment